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NDSFL - Club Chatter
Saturday November 28th 2020


Ladies & Gents

Following the Government's decision to place Warwickshire and areas surrounding us, into Tier 3 and the tighter restrictions that imposes on us all, we have taken the decision NOT to restart fixtures on December 6th. We plan to restart games on Sunday January 3rd 2021.  

Nuneaton & Bedworth has the highest number of cases in Warwickshire and has moved from Tier 1 to Tier 3 in the last few weeks. We therefore have a wider responsibility to all of you and the whole of the community to do what we can to reduce the number of cases and to prevent the spread. We can't take the risk of Football being a source of further cases or spread. We are all anxious to have as normal a Christmas as possible and we feel that a temporary delay to the restart will give us all chance to do that and also reduce the cases and prevent the spread. It will also help to reduce the pressure on the NHS in which many of you have players, family and friends who are employed. The leader of Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council issued a plea to residents last week to follow the Tier 3 guidelines and we want to support those efforts. 

I hope you understand why we have taken this decision and I know you will be disappointed especially given that Grassroots organised sport had been given permission to restart and you would have been looking forward to starting, but in doing so it contradicts nearly all of the Tier 3 restrictions regarding people meeting and attracting spectators. 

We want to start in January and we will keep up to date with developments but we anticipate that with the National Lockdown in place and the Tier 3 restrictions in place from December 2nd and everyone following them, we will be playing again then. 

Please keep safe, follow the guidelines and look after your families and friends and have a great Christmas. 

Andy Baggott
Chairman - Nuneaton & District Sunday League